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Papeae LovEly Girl

cheerful girl who got no idea what life gonna be next. Anyway, I do love to live my fullest life !


Moose the rabbit & Babe Carrot

“Moose” the playful rabbit “Babe” the funny Carrot will make you laughing out loud.


The Salary Man & Tofu the funny Cat

The Salary Man is the craziest employee ever hired. Watch as this well-meaning young and energetic staff member butts heads with Tofu the trouble-making cat! This cuddly combination is bound to make everyday life at the office filled with laughter and some serious turbulence.


Coco Sweet in Love

Here comes again, Coco sweet! This time more sweet and more fun. Coz she also takes her sweety boyfriend, Nheng, with her. Aww, let’s see the love story of Coco Sweet!


Cody The Chicky Child

Cody , the naughty baby chicken that look like little mafia with pitiless face. but who know, he crave love and need someone to fill his little heart


Miki & Giant Cat

Life is really Fun when you meet Miki the cute girl and Samsee the Giant Cat. This two friends gonna make you smile all day long with them in their daily lives!